Handy Caesar® Feeder S


Handy Caesar® Feeder  S

The Handy Caesar ® Feeder S is almost identical to the Handy Caesar ® Feeder, except this one is fully in stainless steel implemented. The feeder wagon exists out of a whole and will be delivered to you like a whole. If using ready-made feed you can distribute the food without physical effort. When the feed is made by yourself, you can use the mixing rotor present in the tank.

The Handy Caesar® Feeder S is driven by one 24Volts motor. A pomp ensures that the feed is easily transmitted through the lance. By means of a switch on the lance the supply of fuel can easily be switched on and off.

Unlike the Handy Caesar ® Feeder is this feeder wagon not able to be turned into a carcass wagon or a plateau wagon.

  • Capacity: 200 liters
  • Performance of the pump: 49 liters/minute
  • Battery: 2x 12V/ 70 Ah


When using the Handy Caesar® Feeder S wagon the use of a watering can, used for feeding piglets, is in the past.

On top of that the Handy Caesar® Feeder S makes sure that you have minimally load on your hips, back and shoulder.