Handy Caesar® Feeder

Handy Caesar® Feeder wagon – More attention to efficiency and health

Makkelijk wendbare voederwagen

The Handy Caesar ® Feeder is a Feeder wagon, that is placeable on the wagon of the Handy Caesar® I. The Feeder wagon has a maximum capacity of 200 liter.

The Handy Caesar ® Feeder is specially designed for feeding liquid feed. The liquid feed can be put in the tank, inside the tank there is a motor that pumps the feed around. When you use solid feed, there is the possibility to mix this with water inside the tank so that there will be liquid feed inside the tank. When there is liquid feed, a pump pumps the feed through a lance. With a switch you easily adjust the supply by stopping it or putting it back on.

When using the Handy Caesar ® Feeder wagon the use of a watering can, used for feeding piglets, is the past.

On top of that the Handy Caesar ® Feeder makes sure that you have minimally load on your hips, back and shoulder.




Video Handy Caesar® Feeder