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You are a pig farmer or a calf fattener and you get - anyway - to deal with dead animals which must be removed from the stables. Everybody hates removing carcasses: the sow or calf has to be removed with 2 or 3 persons: a heavy physical load!

Why should you burden the back and shoulders of yourself or your staff any longer with dragging these carcasses.

We designed and build a compact multifunctional and highly manoeuvrable electric carcass wagon for you. Effortlessly, one person can now lift and move, with our "Handy Caesar", a carcass up to 350 kg. The carcass wagon is also easy to transform into a platform trailer.

This machine pays itself back. You know from own experience what absenteeism costs!





Piglet Feed Power Piglet

Power Piglet is a new feed, especially developed for young piglets. Piglet Power is low in protein and contains no lactose. It gives all the piglets enough energy to feel vital, making them better able to drink enough breastmilk.

Waardse Trading provides the exclusive piglet feed Power Piglet and can be used in combination with the Handy Caeser® Feeder (S).

Mixers on wheels


Create feed is simple with this STAINLESS STEEL mixers

Create feed is simple with this STAINLESS STEEL mixers, which are provided with a bottom-mounted engine.

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Waardse Trading – specialists in electrically powered, labour-friendly equipment for the agricultural and industrial sectors!

Waardse Trading BV is a young and dynamic company with proven capabilities in the field of mechanical engineering. Since 2011, the company has been focusing on the development and manufacture of labour-friendly, electrically powered machines for the European market. In that same year, Waardse Trading BV began developing a carcass machine to be marketed under the name Handy Caesar®. The machine is easy to adapt and therefore multifunctional. A number of our carcass machines have now been sold to customers in various European countries. We are continuing to develop products that are electrically powered and labour-friendly, along with exchangeable adaptor attachments for them.