Accessories Handy Caesar® I

Accessories Handy Caesar ® I


The ideal solution to transport; bags of forage, afterbirth, bags of sawdust etc. When you use this accessory you don’t have to carry any heavy buckets or heavy bags. The plateau is easily place-able on the Handy Caesar ® I.



The lift is specially made to change the accessorizes from the Handy Caesar ® I without hurting your back, shoulders and knees. The chassis of the Handy Caesar ® I fits right under the lift, after which the accessory can be lifted off. The accessory supports on the lift completely, so you don’t have to be lifting anything yourself. After this a different accessory can be put on the chassis.


Around the corner

Does the carcass lie around the corner and you are not able to reach it?
By using this accessory it is possible to reach the carcass that is lying around the corner. With two guide rollers in this accessory the cable does go around the corner smoothly. The carcass gets pulled around the corner by the winch, after this the carcass is lying in front of the Handy Caesar ® I. When the carcass is lying right in front of the machine, you need to remove the accessory and use the Handy Caesar ® I normally and hoist the carcass.


Carcass ton lifter

With the carcass ton lifter, moving the heavy carcass ton becomes light work. The accessory needs to be set on the front of the Handy Caesar ® I. The winch lifts up the carcass ton, so you don’t have to lift anything up with your own hands. After lifting the carcass ton it is easy to drive it to the right place with the fully automatic Handy Caesar ® I.