New costumers

It’s been a few weeks since the EuroTier and we notice that it ran smoothly. There have been a variety of international orders. Together with these orders we got to welcome new customers and we were very happy to. We hope that this will continue!
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The EuroTier 2018 was successful!

The EuroTier was once again successful. We've welcomed, helped out and satisfied a lot of people. After these four days we are pleased with our work, because it was an exhausting week for Wesley and me (René) and we still did it. To all our satisfied costumers who paid us a visit thank you.  
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EuroTier 2018

Another 30 days to countdown, because then we´ll start with the EuroTier. On the November 12 we´ll start to build the stand in Hanover (Germany) and we are ready on November 13. At this fair we and other companies in cattle breeding will be happy to help you out. Hopefully until then!  
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