Piglet feed Power Piglet

Power Piglet

We deliver the best piglet feed Power Piglet and is to be used in combination with the Handy Caeser® Feeder (S).

What is Power Piglet?

  • A new feed, especially developed for young piglets
  • Contains dry fermented raw materials
  • Can be provided liquid and dry
  • Gives all piglets enough energy to feel alive and are because of that better in shape to drink their mothers milk.
  • Ensures a smooth transition from milk to piglet feed

Why Power Piglet?

  • Together with sow's milk the right combination
  • Better feed intake
  • Develops stomach / intestinal function
  • Stimulates production of lactic enzymes
  • Biggentomen worden uniformer

Feature Power Piglet

  • Super tasty
  • Very high energy content
  • Low protein and lactose
  • Low pH value (4)
  • Stays fresh in the piglets bowl

Use Power Piglet liquid

Power Piglet stays fresh longer